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HelmetDress®, THE BRAND

Bringing people together and standing out are two of the basic purposes of fashion. However, today diversity, singularity, and individuality are up and coming values within our society.

Helmetdress ® - Helmet covers satisfy a common modern day need of urban folk ever present in our cities: using fashion to stand out from the crowd. In essence, people yearn to define their personality by creating their own style while also following present-day trends.

HelmetDress® - Helmet covers targets avant-garde and innovative people who like to mark the fashion of time and experience new things.

HelmetDress® also gives light to another more visible tendency, tying the behavior of the consumer and the world of fashion together. The products support the recycling and recovery of fabrics, to give a new lease of life to materials and objects. HelmetDress® allows you to renew the image of your helmet. The designs are very versatile and provide a wide variety of options. The cover does not interfere with the safety purposes of your helmet and simply enhances its outward appearance. However, HelmetDress® recommends replacing your helmet following a heavy collision,as the interior shock absorber material may have undergone some damage, altering its protective safety function.

HelmetDress® is based on design, our helmet covers aim at giving, or rather giving back, the helmet its beauty, something that is not possible with regular helmets. HelmetDress® is committed to following fashion and motorcycle trends so that you may find the helmet cover that adapts itself best to suit your style or personality.

HelmetDress® allows you to choose amongst a variety of helmet covers: "Fashion," trendy patterns and fabric designs, “Urban,” more practical and versatile designs; and "Design," more avant-garde designs.

HelmetDress® is a unique and innovative brand and the first to create fashionable helmet covers for all types of helmets, converting the helmet into a fashion accessory. It's an accessible trademark not only because it's modern and fresh, but also because the product is directed to a large public and a wide-age group.

Helmetdress Helmet covers