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HelmetDress offers you an extensive catalogue of helmet covers

In addition to the motorcycle helmet serving a purely functional purpose and to being a necessary safety article, it has also become a fashion accessory. As well as being bulky and heavy, scratches appear with the passing of time. For this reason, HelmetDress® has adapted itself to introduce a new function of the motorcycle helmet, transforming it into a fun and unique accessory.

HelmetDress® motorcycle covers are simple to use and can be worn day-to-day.

The fabrics used for the HelmetDress® motorcycle helmet covers are Lycra®and polyester. The pairing of these two fabrics provides for the flexibility that allows for the cover to fit any helmet size.

The fabrics used in our helmet covers are of high quality, giving the HelmetDress® cover a long life while also preventing the helmet from scratching.

We have a variety of cover types, all of them patented, according to the type of helmet we wish to envelop. To meet each of your helmet needs, there are HelmetDress® helmet covers for Jet and full-face motorcycle helmets and ski helmets.

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